105 Hitting Reset and Thinking Big with Ron Masi

Our guest this week is Ron Masi, Business Analytics Leader for Teradata. Ron wakes up everyday thinking about execution, both how he will personally execute on his plan and how to help other business execute on their plans. 

His strategies for execution are as insightful as they are precise. His story begins with a complete reset of his career several years ago that led him to start thinking big and asking big questions about buyer motivation, differentiation and strategic sales. Listen to learn more about the philosophies that are driving major success for Ron Masi and his company.

On today’s podcast

1:49 – What is a business analytics leader?
8:42 – How a complete career reset helped Ron Masi differentiate and execute at his highest level
12:00 – Why Ron forbids his SDR to check back in with him
16:00 – Shifting your mindset from the goals of the company and the goals of your customer
18:45 – Executing on an effective prospecting plan
24:45 – Warming up the coldest prospects
28:35 – How Ron uses technology and mind mapping to execute consistently
34:15 – Ron Masi’s “Why”

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51 Melissa Smith Gives You Permission to Break the Rules

Our guest this week is Melissa Smith, Virtual Assistant Matchmaker for The PVA. She helps people around the world…do business around the world by helping them to find virtual assistants. We discuss how the idea of when and how we work is constantly shifting and why being flexible with the “rules” can help you achieve goals that have otherwise eluded you.

On today’s show…

6:15 – Why Melissa believes there’s no such thing as “work/life balance.”

14:26 – What to think about when thinking about a virtual assistant

19:00 – How a virtual assistant could change your life

23:20 – When it comes to differentiation…sweat the small stuff!

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44 Amahl Williams Talks Data and “Smarketing”

Our guest this week is Amahl Williams, VP of Smarketing at Pluris Marketing and, no, that isn’t a typo. Amahl is frustrated by the conflict between sales and marketing and how it’s rooted in old stereotypes. He thinks most sales and marketing departments are stuck in a pre-2008 mindset and the only way to ‘get out’ is to ‘get smart.’

1:18 – What is “smarketing”?

6:00 – “A lot of the ideas that used to be viewed as best practice for sales and marketing aren’t just irrelevant, they’re erroneous”

18:30 – Why Amahl thinks that it’s still all about revenue and how that affects the way businesses approach marketing

28:00 – “If you don’t have content on your site…I don’t understand you.”

37:50 – Amahl gives you MUST-READ recommendations for “smarketing”

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