47 The Why and The Catalyst

Our guests this week are Mike and Mike from The Catalyst Sale Podcast.

“Sales is not rocket science.” That’s the message from hosts Mike Conner and Mike Simmons. Developing the fundamentals and thinking about your process are key to your sales success.

3:30 – The one thing that’s changed in sales over the past 30 years.

11:30 – Sales is a thinking process.

17:45 – Don’t make your process about you, focus on what the customer is looking for.

27:45 – Mike and Mike’s “Why”

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46 Steve Nudelberg is On Fire for Sales and Life

This week’s guest is Steve Nudelberg, author of Confessions of a Serial Salesman: 27 rules for influencers and leaders that will change your life and business.

Steve Nudelberg’s attitude has kept him at the top of his game in sales and life. It’s evident in his writing, speaking and sales training. Today we discuss how he achieved that attitude, how the world of sales is changing and what he thinks you should be doing right now to take advantage and beat your competition.

Check out Steve’s website nudelberg.com and follow him on twitter @Nudelberg

1:49 – How Steve manages to stay on fire and how that’s propelled all of his success.

5:50 – Why did Steve decide on 27 rules?

14:30 – “If you spend all your time trying to sell something, that feels like a very shallow existence.”

18:30 – Steve’s “At-Bat” principle of sales

33:30 – Steve’s killer reading recommendations

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16 Fun – You Gotta Have It!

Another mini-sode in the can!  Jeff and Christie have a ton of fun in this short episode that is all about FUN! In fact, we say fun 63 times in this short episode.

So why an episode on fun you ask?  Well, we believe you’ve got to have fun to make sales worthwhile.  We don’t know a single successful sales person that just collects a paycheck and if you do, don’t be surprised if your customers start running for the hills.  Don’t let yourself become robotic in your interactions and make it your mission to ensure others have fun too.

If you aren't having fun, you are doing something wrong. Work hard, sell hard, but have fun doing it. Click To Tweet


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No books to recommend this time.  Just listen to the episode and laugh with us!

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