70 Selling like a Marine with Paul Boucherle

When you think of someone who is prepared for anything, does anyone match that description more than a military veteran?

Our guest this week is, Paul Boucherle, a Marine veteran, titan of the security sales industry and now a consultant who is devoting his life to helping companies find the right talent and veterans find good jobs. He says most veterans are equipped to be great sales leaders. 

In this fascinating interview we talk about his new venture, SalesMarines. SalesMarines provides veterans and employers an opportunity to discover the perfect fit. They align and train veterans using 50+ years of combined knowledge and experience to offer top of the line candidates.

Learn more about SalesMarines here.

Learn more about Paul here.

On today’s podcast

4:31 – How Paul is helping companies find qualified sales people and helping veterans find good jobs.

7:46 – How to identify people who are qualified for sales

11:30 – The number one concern of all senior sales management

15:00 – Matching a company and an individual using the principle of “time to productivity”

19:44 – Does the regimented life of a veteran hurt them in sales?

21:54 – How does veteran preparedness translate to sales preparedness

24:28 – How to balance objective assessments versus subjective analysis in hiring and recruiting

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44 Amahl Williams Talks Data and “Smarketing”

Our guest this week is Amahl Williams, VP of Smarketing at Pluris Marketing and, no, that isn’t a typo. Amahl is frustrated by the conflict between sales and marketing and how it’s rooted in old stereotypes. He thinks most sales and marketing departments are stuck in a pre-2008 mindset and the only way to ‘get out’ is to ‘get smart.’

1:18 – What is “smarketing”?

6:00 – “A lot of the ideas that used to be viewed as best practice for sales and marketing aren’t just irrelevant, they’re erroneous”

18:30 – Why Amahl thinks that it’s still all about revenue and how that affects the way businesses approach marketing

28:00 – “If you don’t have content on your site…I don’t understand you.”

37:50 – Amahl gives you MUST-READ recommendations for “smarketing”

Discussed in This Episode

Significant Quotes