119 Jon Goldstein is Lighting our Startup Spark

Happy 4th of July to all of our American listeners. In honor of the birthday of one of the world’s finest entrepreneurial endeavors, the United States of America, we have a startup expert on the pod, Jon Goldstein, Director of Entrepreneurial Services at Ann Arbor Spark.

Ann Arbor SPARK is an economic engine within southeast Michigan. They are cultivating a vast network of business and manufacturing excellence by working with first time startups, seasoned entrepreneurs and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Jon loves to work with startups because he loves the creativity, the drive and the courage that it takes to make one successful. But often times having a great idea, product, service or solution simply isn’t enough. There can be a wide gap between convincing someone that your product can help and closing a deal. That’s where Jon and his team step in to help, coach and guide startups to sales success.

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On today’s podcast

3:00 – Jon Goldstein is really good at golf but not as good as Ricky Fowler
5:45 – Startups don’t understand the problem they are solving
7:00 – How Jon works with startups to coach and develop their business
12:30 – Dealing with rejection when you have an amazing product/service/solution…and the prospect KNOWS it.
19:45 – The right way to go from “interviewing an avatar” to “building a champion”
25:30 – Other communities for people with big ideas
27:15 – Why does Jon work with startups?

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