132 Peering into the Paradox of Potential with Thom Singer

Our guest this week is Thom Singer, Certified Speaking Professional, standup comic and master of alliteration with the letter “P.” Thom has been a trusted speaker to major organizations for over a decade. He believe that the modern work environment suffers from a lot of different distractions. A disconnect has developed between social media “likes”, “links”, “shares” and “follows” and real meaningful business connections. Thom has dedicated his life’s work to helping people get back to the basics of relationships that lead to better opportunities and more sales.

On today’s podcast

3:30 – The Paradox of Potential
7:00 – The 3 buckets that will allow you to take actions towards success
13:22 – Finding perspective and balance while trying to be successful
16:55 – Thom’s 10 tips to reach your true potential
19:45 – How open mic nights are changing Thom’s career
22:30 – Why Thom asks Starbucks to pick his drink for them
30:00 – How do you connect with people in a gadget friendly world?
35:30 – Thom Singer’s “why”

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