136 The Thin Line Between “Friend” and “Mentor” with Tracey Thorsen

August is all about mindset and one way to develop a great mindset that will lay the foundation for your success is having a knowledgable, helpful and available mentor. Who better to interview on this subject than Christie’s mentor, Tracey Thorsen.

Tracy spent two decades helping to shape the technologies and processes that was part of the success of a Fortune 10 company. Through that experience she had a revelation: if you can’t change the hearts and minds of the people who deal with those process and changes your chances of success drop dramatically. Fast forward to Chapter Two of Tracey’s journey and she is now on the front lines of business coaching, development and mentorship with her company Time to Transform

In this wide ranging interview we discuss the value of having a mentor, the boundaries that have to be established and maintained and how to find clarity in your mindset despite your daily distractions.

On today’s podcast

4:15 – Tracy’s journey from Fortune 10 to sales coaching and mentorship
6:50 – Where is the line between “friend” and “mentor?”
17:51 – Clarity of mindset and intention
23:08 – The value of handwriting your intentions
28:30 – Mindset of abundance vs. scarcity

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49 Scott Ingram on Mentoring Your Way to Sales Success

Today’s guest is Scott Ingram, host of the Sales Success Stories podcast.

He’s back on the show to talk about a topic vital to today’s salesforce, mentoring. It’s what he’s dedicated his podcast to and what will certainly be a hot topic at his Sales Success Summit event in May. Scott says that so many of the successful people he has met around the country and through his podcast have had one thing in common; they had great mentors. By being available to be a mentor and to be mentored to you can uncover new ideas, creative solutions and better insight into the challenges that you face.

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On today’s show…

5:00 – Coaching vs. Mentorship

9:00 – The informality of mentoring and what to look for in a mentor

16:30 – How Scott’s Sales Success Stories Podcast has become a mentoring vehicle for his guests and listeners

17:30 – The dangers of the sales “echo chamber”

19:20 – Mentors are everywhere…they can even be your CUSTOMERS!

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Discussed in This Episode

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