58 Driving creativity, collaboration and innovation through comedy with Lisa Fey

Our guest today is Lisa Fey. She’s often described as a humorist with a message and she has a great message for you today.

Lisa uses her creativity and her humor to inspire, collaborate and inform audiences around the world. She was a corporate rockstar with Coca Cola before branching off on her own to help consult and advise business professionals like you. Her insights are invaluable and her humor is unquestioned.

Find out more about Lisa here: lisafey.com

On today’s show…

4:18 – What’s it like to move from the corporate world to a world of public speaking and humor?

11:40  – How did comedy become an integral part of Lisa’s speaking style?

17:50 – Lisa learns that their are rules of comedy and improv

23:30 – The art of listening: essential for improv AND sales

25:04 – Lisa reveals the secret behind her success

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26 What Motivates You?

Motivation is a fire from within. @stephenrcovey Click To Tweet

What gets you out of bed in the morning?  What motivates you?  Did you know that motivation is a finite resource?  Listen to Christie and Jeff talk about motivation and how they keep the “fire in the belly” every day.

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18 The Possibility Habit with Scott Ginsberg

Are you creating possibility with every encounter?  How memorable are you to those you meet?  Every situation presents an opportunity.  The possibilities in front of us are endless if we’re willing to be a little more innovative and a little less imitative. 

“..innovation is to creativity like execution is to ideas” – Scott Ginsberg quoting Henrik Zillmer

In this episode of The Why and The Buy, we interview Scott Ginsberg, the Nametag guy.  Scott has an unusual claim to fame, he has worn a nametag for almost 7000 days or the equivalent of 17 years…WOW!  If that wasn’t enough, he even had the nametag tattooed on his chest just in case the stickiness wore off.  Don’t be fooled though, this is not a discussion about marketing gimmicks, we cover all manner of topics including:

  • What does “this” make possible?
  • Being innovative vs imitative
  • Confessions of a recovering people pleaser

Discussed in This Episode

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