127 Winging It with Kristy West

We’re winging it with our guest today, Kristy West, improvisation expert and business coach.

She founded BraveSpace in order to use a skill she’s been developing her entire life, improvisational performance, to help sales teams overcome the fears and stresses of rejection, quotas and networking.

Improvisation is a skill that most sales people use unconsciously every day when they are talking on the phone, meeting with a prospect or discussing a renewal with a current client. Kristy believes that consciously developing this skill and balancing “knowing what to say” and having the confidence to “say what you know” can be a major difference maker in your sales process.

You can watch how Kristy is changing lives and businesses through improv here.

On today’s podcast

4:00 – How did “the improv lady” get started in sales?
8:00 – What does “improv” really mean?
11:00 – Improv as an applied skill of “knowing” and “confidence”
16:20 – The techniques of applied improv facilitation in sales
20:25 – Feeling safe in the failure circle
31:12 – The Sales Enablement Society and how it can help you
39:20 – Kristy’s “why”

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