113 Monday Musing: Deliberate Practice

On today’s Monday Musing Jeff is taking another swing at the fundamentals…and another…and another. It’s not about practice, it’s about deliberate practice.

Deliberate practice has its ups and its downs but the trajectory of progress is up if the commitment stays true. This doesn’t just go for the links it also goes for the sales call. Prospecting, networking, closing, it all requires deliberate practice and resilience that will hone your craft and produce positive results. Sales performance will fluctuate but if you keep swinging your game will surely improve.

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24 Why Sales is Like Golf with Justin Benton

If you are a regular listener of The Why and The Buy, you know that Christie and Jeff are avid golfers.  We believe that golf and sales are very similar and strive to include golfing in our businesses as often as we can.  Justin Benton joins us this week to talk about all the ways that sales and golf are alike.  Some of the key parallels discussed include:

You have to train a little bit every day #whysalesislikegolf @justinbenton Click To Tweet
Be consistent and persistent regardless of your numbers #whysalesislikegolf @justinbenton Click To Tweet

You have to work on your weaknesses #whysalesislikegolf @justinbenton Click To Tweet