117 Expanding Beyond Your Echo Chamber with Mike Simmons

Our guest this week is, Mike Simmons, Co-Founder of Catalyst Sale and host of The Catalyst Sale podcast

Mike has more than 20 years of operations, consulting, sales and sales leadership experience, 15 of those in the EdTech space. He’s a self-described life long learner, creative, analytical, and driven to achieve results. Mike has built, lead, and optimized sales organizations leveraging both direct and indirect teams.

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On today’s podcast

3:00 – The “me, me, me” approach to networking
4:57 – How Mike manages to engage quickly online
10:30 – Using twitter chats to build an active network
14:00 – Rounding out your networking plan
18:00 – Expanding your network beyond your echo chamber
22:30 – Don’t be a social media or networking lurker
30:00 – Leverage your own company

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Discussed in This Episode

Significant Quotes

Based on a special report titled “Managing with the Brain in Mind” written by David Rock, founding president of the NeuroLeadership Institute.  Chad Harrison takes us through the concept of managing employee engagement using the SCARF method.

What is the SCARF method you ask?  Neuroscientists believe people respond to all things with either a threat or a reward response.  In turn, they also believe you can drive specific behavior if you focus on five key social qualities that will trigger a reward response.  These five qualities are Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Fairness (SCARF).

If you are a leader (or aspiring leader) in your organization, plan to listen to this one more than once.  There was so much richness in this discussion, we had to split it in to 2 parts.

Discussed in This Episode

Significant Quotes