110 May Wrap / June Preview

We came. We saw. We executed. May is in the books and we’re looking back on a month that was all about using all of the purpose and preparations of Q1 and manifesting results.

This month we’ll be laying the ground work for the rest of our year with a focus on networking. Get ready for strategies that will help you make more connections, make better connections and make lasting connections that will lead to recurring business.

On today’s podcast

1:30 – May was an intense month of focus and intentions on and off the air

3:40 – Greg Rosner told us how to execute on presentations

5:50 – Michael Moore introduced us to netweaving and how it can help us execute better

9:00 – Dan Jourdan fired us up and helped us execute on the phone

12:20 – You can call Kelly Riggs and he will pick up the phone

14:40 – Ron Masi gave us the road map…well the mindmap…to executing as a leader

17:04 – We went behind the music! Find out more about our house band, Haskins.

21:00 – Previewing June, our month of networking including interviews with Kelly Roach, Jen Gluckow and MORE!

25:00 – We reveal our newest AMAZING book club book

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