153 Playing To Our Strengths with David Weiss and Andy Racic

You get two amazing minds for the price of one. David Weiss and Andy Racic join us today. David and Andy are best friends working together on a book all about the reasons and motivations for getting into a career in sales. They believe that the level of talent, ethics and standards can all stand to be raised higher and that starts with understanding what kind of people are built for a career in sales and what their true motivations are. Do they want to help people or do they just want to cash a check? Your biggest sales growth years are your early ones, finding those early growers can be key to a sales team’s success.

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David Weiss is Sales Executive, Sales Leadership at ADP RPO.

Andy Racic is Director of Sales at Tango Health, Inc.

On today’s podcast…

3:00 – There are a million books on sales. What will make their’s different?
8:38 – Early missteps of those that “fall into sales”
13:45 – Who will this book be for?
18:35 – Are sales books even useful anymore?
28:00 – What are these aspiring authors reading?
33:30 – How do you help people become not just sales professionals but professional salespeople?

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