147 Connecting People to Solutions with Brett Ruffino

Sometimes life and career change for the better and sometimes they change for the worse. Either way, you can make your own success if you have the right attitude and the right gameplan. Our guest today, Brett Ruffino, had both and he’s here today to tell his story.

Through his principles of customer experience and customer loyalty Brett helped turn around an underperforming, multi-store retail operation. but his passion for leadership training moved him to a higher calling.

As the founder of 10 PAPERCLIPS, he leveraged his executive leadership knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between what C-Suite leaders want, what the field needs to execute, and what the customer needs and expects; creating a synergy that yields a powerful ROI.

On today’s podcast

4:37 – Brett discusses the lifestyle of the successful franchise owner
8:17 – The early secret to record franchise growth (without growing).
11:49 – The push and pull of balancing a corporate job and a franchise business
16:00 – Brett learns a lesson and shares his biggest piece of advice for those that want to become a franchisee.
18:30 – Brett’s been in business school for 39 years
24:00 – The birth of 10 Paperclips
34:00 – Brett Ruffino’s “why”

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