24 Why Sales is Like Golf with Justin Benton

If you are a regular listener of The Why and The Buy, you know that Christie and Jeff are avid golfers.  We believe that golf and sales are very similar and strive to include golfing in our businesses as often as we can.  Justin Benton joins us this week to talk about all the ways that sales and golf are alike.  Some of the key parallels discussed include:

You have to train a little bit every day #whysalesislikegolf @justinbenton Click To Tweet
Be consistent and persistent regardless of your numbers #whysalesislikegolf @justinbenton Click To Tweet

You have to work on your weaknesses #whysalesislikegolf @justinbenton Click To Tweet

23 How to Build a Roadmap to Revenue with Kristin Zhivago

Buyers have changed the way they buy. Mobile and Google have put “anything I want to know or buy – now!” in the palms of their hands. We are literally in the midst of a Digital Revolution when it comes to how people buy. While consumers are buying “at the speed of thought,” companies are still moving at corporate speed. Their sales are slipping as a result.  What is a business to do?

This week, Jeff interviews Kristin Zhivago, author of Roadmap to Revenue about:

  • What the digital market leaders are doing
  • What tools marketers can use to catch up
  • What principles will ensure they make the best use of those tools


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22 Cheerleaders and Connectors – A Small Business Guide to Referrals with Joe Schum

Being a small business owner can be overwhelming and if you are the owner of a “service” based business, it’s doubly so.  Not only are you chief cook and bottle washer, but often times, you are so busy DOING the business, you aren’t putting in the time to GET the business.  We all know the best business comes from referrals, but where do you find that ever elusive referral network?

If you have money, then advertise. If you have no money, then socialize. @saysjoeschum Click To Tweet

Joe Schum joins us this week to discuss networking must dos for every busy solopreneur.  Some of Joe’s Gems of Wisdom include:

  • Always have a goal
  • Be consistent and persistent
  • Review regularly
  • Remember it’s not about you

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21 Predictable Prospecting with Marylou Tyler

It seems everywhere we look, someone is talking about prospecting.  What to do, what not to do, how to win, what pitfalls to avoid…It can be overwhelming for even the best sales people to know the right approach to take.

In this episode, we talk with Marylou Tyler, author of Predictable Prospecting about her experience helping companies like Apple, Bose, and UPS grow their revenue by increasing their sales pipeline.  Some of the topics we cover include:

  • How to land crucial meetings
  • Twelve habits of highly successful SDRs
  • How to leverage the right tools for predictable prospecting

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20 Nobody Cares About Your Product with Phil Murphy

It seems everyone is asking “Why do customers buy” these days.  It’s easy to get excited by the latest shiny object in your toolkit, but …NEWSFLASH… nobody cares about your product.  They care about their needs that your product might meet and they care about whether or not they like doing business with you…plain and simple!

Success requires you to wake up, show up, and follow up. Do that and you'll beat 70% of sales people out there Click To Tweet

Sales reps will enjoy this discussion with Phil, but Sales Managers will play it over and over again.  If you have responsibility for more than yourself in your organization, grab a notebook.  You won’t want to miss one single nugget of value on this one.

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19 How to be an SDR Superstar with Morgan J Ingram

Morgan J Ingram joins us on this week’s episode of The Why and The Buy.  Morgan started recording his journey as a new sales development rep a year ago on a YouTube channel called The SDR Chronicles.  If you have ever expressed concern about millennials in the workplace, if you are responsible for hiring a workforce that includes millennials, or if you are a millennial trying to make a difference in the workplace – you MUST listen to this episode.

I thought, if I could get through the hard parts now, everything else in life would be so much easier #millenialsaregoingtosaveus Click To Tweet


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18 The Possibility Habit with Scott Ginsberg

Are you creating possibility with every encounter?  How memorable are you to those you meet?  Every situation presents an opportunity.  The possibilities in front of us are endless if we’re willing to be a little more innovative and a little less imitative. 

“..innovation is to creativity like execution is to ideas” – Scott Ginsberg quoting Henrik Zillmer

In this episode of The Why and The Buy, we interview Scott Ginsberg, the Nametag guy.  Scott has an unusual claim to fame, he has worn a nametag for almost 7000 days or the equivalent of 17 years…WOW!  If that wasn’t enough, he even had the nametag tattooed on his chest just in case the stickiness wore off.  Don’t be fooled though, this is not a discussion about marketing gimmicks, we cover all manner of topics including:

  • What does “this” make possible?
  • Being innovative vs imitative
  • Confessions of a recovering people pleaser

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17 No Is Not Forever – Objection Handling with Don “The Idea Guy”

What do you do when you hear “No”?  Do you just walk away or do you use it as a springboard for the next conversation?  We love it when Don “The Idea Guy” Snyder visits us on an episode of The Why and The Buy podcast.  He always has a unique perspective and gets us thinking in different ways.

In this episode, we dissect what “No” means and why you should look at this little two letter word through new lenses.

“NO…it’s just one word. Expect it, prepare for it…adjust”

In this episode, we cover such scintillating topics as:

  • Why “NO” is like Sonar on a submarine
  • Tools you can use to practice objection handling in your next sales meeting
  • What to do after you have lost a sale
  • Top 3 strategies for handling objections

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16 Fun – You Gotta Have It!

Another mini-sode in the can!  Jeff and Christie have a ton of fun in this short episode that is all about FUN! In fact, we say fun 63 times in this short episode.

So why an episode on fun you ask?  Well, we believe you’ve got to have fun to make sales worthwhile.  We don’t know a single successful sales person that just collects a paycheck and if you do, don’t be surprised if your customers start running for the hills.  Don’t let yourself become robotic in your interactions and make it your mission to ensure others have fun too.

If you aren't having fun, you are doing something wrong. Work hard, sell hard, but have fun doing it. Click To Tweet


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No books to recommend this time.  Just listen to the episode and laugh with us!

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15 The World is Not Flat with Shannon Peng

In this episode, we discuss the importance of digital authenticity with Shannon Peng.  A self-described “Digital Gladiator”, Shannon Peng has created a strong following in social media by being unapologetically real in everything she posts.

“The world is not flat, so your content shouldn’t be flat either.” – Shannon Peng

Shannon talks with us about why social media matters and how it has helped her be more authentic.  Some of the topics we tackle include

  • Content ADD and the Social Zombie Apocalypse
  • The Power of Originality
  • Authenticity in a Digital World
  • Staying Relevant and Creating Epic Moments

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