97 Creating Conversations Through Your Presentations with Greg Rosner

How do I present in a way that is persuasive, effective and ultimately leads me to my goal?

Our guest this week is, Greg Rosner, CEO of Pitch Kitchen. He’s not an actual chef but he’s cooked up a brilliant recipe for turning boring presentations into engaging conversations that delight and empower audiences. Throw away those boring slides and start thinking about making a conversation.

Listen for tips and strategies that you can use right now to re-think and re-imagine how you are presenting your sales and business information.

On today’s podcast

2:26 – Most people aren’t born great sales people
4:20 – What is the definition and purpose of a presentation?
8:30 – Presentations as “containers for conversations”
10:35 – The mistake you’re making in your presentation and how Greg’s mindmap method can help you correct it.
17:06 – What if my presentation topic is boring?!
22:38 – You do NOT want to make a TED Talk
28:12 – Presentation style versus substance

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