83 Becoming a Sales Renegade with Matt Goudy

Our guest this week is, Matt Goudy and he’s a renegade in his industry. He’s also the Country General Manager of Medacta USA, a leading medical device company.

Matt shares with us what has made Medacta so different in a market where differentiation is so difficult. He shares with us the powerful prospecting advice he gives to his new sales reps who have taken his sales leadership and increased Medacta’s performance in the US tremendously.

Listen to find out how patience and persistence can help make you a renegade and increase your sales productivity for the next 10 years.

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On today’s podcast

3:45 – What makes a renegade company?

12:20 – Introducing new strategies and education to combat a lack of product differentiation

26:25 – Matt’s philosophy on prospecting in new marketplaces

28:30 – The power of “checking back” and talking to everyone

37:00 – How Medacta’s company culture leads to customers selling for them

41:20 – https://www.ted.com/talks/malcolm_gladwell_the_unheard_story_of_david_and_goliath

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60 Updating your personal operating system with Vince Fowler

Vince Fowler left the military and got into sales because his buddy told him it would be “fun.” He fell in love with sales. Had a messy divorce with sales, then fell in love with sales all over again. Now he’s a business development coach with a great philosophy on purpose, commitment and rebooting your personal operating system that audiences really connect with. You have to listen to his incredible story and his sales tips on creating and sustaining business.

Follow Vince on twitter and visit his website!

On today’s show…

2:05 – Vince has a man-crush on Jeff.

5:51 – How Vince fell in love with sales, then got divorced from sales, then fell in love with sales all over again.

8:34 – Why are all kids great at sales when most adults aren’t?

17:04 – Vince reveals the number on obstacle to building a successful business.

20:50 – How resetting your personal operating system can revolutionize your sales, your business and your life.

35:50 – Value based decision making: the importance of committing to your purpose.

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51 Melissa Smith Gives You Permission to Break the Rules

Our guest this week is Melissa Smith, Virtual Assistant Matchmaker for The PVA. She helps people around the world…do business around the world by helping them to find virtual assistants. We discuss how the idea of when and how we work is constantly shifting and why being flexible with the “rules” can help you achieve goals that have otherwise eluded you.

On today’s show…

6:15 – Why Melissa believes there’s no such thing as “work/life balance.”

14:26 – What to think about when thinking about a virtual assistant

19:00 – How a virtual assistant could change your life

23:20 – When it comes to differentiation…sweat the small stuff!

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47 The Why and The Catalyst

Our guests this week are Mike and Mike from The Catalyst Sale Podcast.

“Sales is not rocket science.” That’s the message from hosts Mike Conner and Mike Simmons. Developing the fundamentals and thinking about your process are key to your sales success.

3:30 – The one thing that’s changed in sales over the past 30 years.

11:30 – Sales is a thinking process.

17:45 – Don’t make your process about you, focus on what the customer is looking for.

27:45 – Mike and Mike’s “Why”

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46 Steve Nudelberg is On Fire for Sales and Life

This week’s guest is Steve Nudelberg, author of Confessions of a Serial Salesman: 27 rules for influencers and leaders that will change your life and business.

Steve Nudelberg’s attitude has kept him at the top of his game in sales and life. It’s evident in his writing, speaking and sales training. Today we discuss how he achieved that attitude, how the world of sales is changing and what he thinks you should be doing right now to take advantage and beat your competition.

Check out Steve’s website nudelberg.com and follow him on twitter @Nudelberg

1:49 – How Steve manages to stay on fire and how that’s propelled all of his success.

5:50 – Why did Steve decide on 27 rules?

14:30 – “If you spend all your time trying to sell something, that feels like a very shallow existence.”

18:30 – Steve’s “At-Bat” principle of sales

33:30 – Steve’s killer reading recommendations

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45 What Does it Mean to be “Connected” with Jesse Perreault

Our guest this week is Jesse Perreault, Director of Business Development and Digital Marketing Strategist for Soap Media, Inc.

Jesse began his first business when he was 15 and quickly began to understand that technology and data would be key to reaching the goals he set for himself. Ironically it was technology and data that helped him to his second realization, quality relationships are better than plentiful connections.

His article, “How I Met 500 people in 500 hours,” is all about making quality connections that lead to lasting relationships. He believes that learning about 500 people is way more powerful than 500 Linkedin connections.

6:30 – What Jesse learned in a life of entrepreneurship

11:25 – How Jesse came up with his list of 500 people he met in 500 hours.

12:30 – “If I can learn from somebody, what may have taken them several years to learn the hard way, in a matter of an hour…I consider that pretty good growth.”

18:00 – How Jesse built a book of business without a “mentality of closing”

23:00 – Jeff breaks down the right reasons to take a meeting

29:30 – Jesse reveals his “Why”!

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16 Fun – You Gotta Have It!

Another mini-sode in the can!  Jeff and Christie have a ton of fun in this short episode that is all about FUN! In fact, we say fun 63 times in this short episode.

So why an episode on fun you ask?  Well, we believe you’ve got to have fun to make sales worthwhile.  We don’t know a single successful sales person that just collects a paycheck and if you do, don’t be surprised if your customers start running for the hills.  Don’t let yourself become robotic in your interactions and make it your mission to ensure others have fun too.

If you aren't having fun, you are doing something wrong. Work hard, sell hard, but have fun doing it. Click To Tweet


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No books to recommend this time.  Just listen to the episode and laugh with us!

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10 – Must Be Present to Win

Our first MINI-SODE!  In this shorter than usual episode, Christie and Jeff discuss the importance of showing up.  That’s right.  The first key to success is showing up on time, every time.  Do what you say you will do and when you say you will do it.  It’s simple really.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard – Hines Ward

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You will be shocked at the amount of mediocrity that disguises itself as successful – Jeff

Tweet: You will be shocked at the amount of mediocrity that disguises itself as successful #reliability

Rule #1 – Keep your customers, not just happy, but thrilled. Over deliver on your promises. Do something no one else is doing. – Christie

Tweet: Rule #1 - Keep your customers, not just happy, but thrilled. Over deliver on your promises. Do something no one else is doing. #reliability