92 Pissing Off the CEO with Jack Kosakowski

Our guest this week is, Jack Kosakowski, CEO of Creation Agency US division and a digital marketing pioneer. Basically, he’s a sales guy running a marketing agency. When Jack began his career he struggled to understand the meaning and worth of marketing. It was only after he entered the sales world and began to understand the value of marketing himself digitally that he truly found his calling and reached his full potential. 

Jack is here to help you evaluate the true value of the content that you are sharing, the way you are starting conversations with potential clients and ultimately how you are establishing your reputation in your marketplace. It’s not all about WHO you know, it’s about WHAT you know.

This episode is marketing for those that hate to market. This is marketing for salespeople. This is marketing for people who want to grow their reach, reputation and wallet.

On today’s podcast

3:15 – What attracted Jack to digital/social selling before it was cool?
8:10 – Salespeople should NOT be writing content
11:54 – The “Why” behind creating content
12:53 – Creating conversations vs. forcing conversations
18:00 – How can individuals create reach that will impact their sales?
21:50 – The best way to talk to a CEO is….pissing him off?
25:18 – Jack’s go-to thought leaders and how he develops content strategy
27:40 – The outcome of the conversation
34:43 – Are the things on your online resume worthy of being there?

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