88 April Kickoff: Reach and Reputation Month

In this episode we’re recapping some of the amazing things we’ve learned from our guests in the month of March and introducing our theme for April: reach and reputation. This month we’ll explore how to extend your reach in whatever market you are in and gain the reputation that will lead you to more relationships, more referrals and ultimately…more sales.

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On today’s podcast

5:00 – Find out about Jeff’s new ebook

8:00 – Recapping the month of March: Pia Silva helped us badass our brands

11:00 – Derrick Williams joined us and faced down our SDR/BDR skepticism and fear

17:00 – On our Monday Musings this month we kept it brief, kept adapting and kept it going.

19:30 – The amazing Anthony Iannarino joined us as our March Thought Leader

21:30 – Larry Levine brought his unique journey and discussed how to prospect and build a loyal following.

22:30 – The brilliant Matt Goudy, aka the Sales Renegade, came on and talked some sales heresy

26:15 – Our third Book Club book is…in the books! Our final thoughts on Building a Storybrand.

29:30 – A preview of what’s coming up on April’s reach and reputation month!

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