87 How to Become an Evangelist For Sales with Donald C. Kelly

Our guest this week is, Donald C. Kelly, Founder and Chief Sales Evangelist at The Sales Evangelist. He’s spreading the good news that it’s great to be in sales and creating a community of people to help support each other in this business.

He’s the perfect guest to kick off Reach and Reputation month because his goal is to reach out and help every type of sales person from the newbie who needs the basics to the savvy veteran who needs some new tricks.

Today we discuss his interesting backstory and what helped to shape the core tenants of his gospel.

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On today’s podcast

3:00 – Why are salespeople reluctant to learn more about their craft?

7:17 –  How Donald’s first manager flips the script on what it means to be a salesperson and changed his life forever.

12:30 – Vanity numbers and “The Chick-fil-a Principle”

24:44 – Does “building a culture” actually lead to quantifiable results?

30:00 – Donald’s Hustler League is building a community and keeping salespeople accountable

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