39 Understand, Motivate, and Own: Leadership development with John Brantley

“In this fast paced world, we need people who understand, master and own what they do.  We don’t need competent and compliant people.” – John Brantley

This was a fun conversation with John Brantley in this episode.  John is a past NSA Georgia President, President of Auxin360, and co-founder of BAM Adventures.  With over 25 years of building leadership, training, and coaching systems with corporations and military families, he knows his stuff.

If you are struggling with any portion of leadership in your organization, you have to listen to this episode.If you are a leader (or aspiring leader) in your organization, plan to listen to this one more than once.  There was so much richness in this discussion, we had to split it in to 2 parts.

Discussed in This Episode

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