165 Behind the Scenes of a Startup with Brian Pender

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We’ve featured a lot of entrepreneurs and experts on starting businesses on this show. Today we look at the world of startups from a slightly different angle, the brokerage angle. Our guest today is Brian Pender, Founder & President of Fairway Healthcare Partners. Previously, Brian worked in commercial banking with the last 6-years focused exclusively on healthcare businesses. He has personally underwritten and managed transactions with more than $500 million in committed financing to healthcare businesses, with billions of successful loan syndications.

Today we find out about the nuts and bolts behind starting a business, how Brian deals with a bad industry reputation and what it is like to be an entrepreneur helping to make other entrepreneur’s dreams come true.

On today’s podcast…

3:00 – Brian is not a dentist but he helps build dental practices
7:40 – Overcoming a bad industry reputation
11:54 – When it comes to huge decisions, you have to talk big picture
16:00 – Selling a product that people NEED but don’t necessarily want
19:58 – The best job interview question Brian ever got and how it has more meaning in his life now than ever before.
24:39 – The worst excuse that keeps people from success
29:39 – Brian’s “why”

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