163 Centering Ourselves with Matthew Bivens

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What is your center? It’s a central question that our guest, Matthew Bivens, has spent his life discovering and is now discussing with others. Matthew is a business and life coach and host of the podcast “Having it All: Conversations About Living and Abundant Loving Life”

For entrepreneurs understanding not only why you get into business for yourself but also understanding why you live your life and who you live it for is essential to success. Matthew shares his story of discovering those “why’s” for himself and how a major perspective shift changed his career trajectory and his life trajectory.

On today’s podcast

4:14 – Balanced life coaching is about deepening one’s own sense of awareness.
8:27 – Should the center of your life be placed internally or externally?
13:13 – The perils of making decisions out of fear
18:45 – How a change in focus changed Matthew’s personal relationship
23:14 – Doing more abundant and fulfilling work made Matthew a better podcaster.

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