157 James Bawden

James Bawden is transitioning to a new role as a BDR in Raleigh, North Carolina for the startup data analytics company Cognetik. He’s facing a bevy of new challenges including moving from an established company to a startup AND being the first person in his company to drive outbound sales.

James brings us the lessons he learned in his first 60 days, the major revelations he’s had about BDR sales, empathetic leadership and setting core values as a salesperson and a sales team. This is ground level amazing analysis from someone who is out there doing it every day.

On today’s podcast

2:30 – The first man in the charge gets the bloodiest
5:20 – The challenges of joining a startup as a BDR
13:34 – The ONE skill you need to focus on most as a BDR/SDR
19:16 – The amazing difference an empathetic leadership team can make
27:00 – Setting core values for the sales team
33:26 – The ideal client for James and Cognetik

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