155 Reclaiming the Human Touch with Mark Watts

Mark Watts has a fire in his belly for sales, for leading his team, for helping customers and reclaiming lost business. These are qualities we often associate with young sales leaders or entrepreneurs spearheading their business. But guess what? Mark helms a sales team of over 700 people at one of the world’s largest media companies and he’s been in sales for over 35 years.


On today’s podcast

3:29 – Going home to home to reclaim customers
7:00 – How do you coach a young team to deal with and counteract overwhelmingly negative responses
12:41 – The tactics of Mark’s most successful salespeople
15:48 – The biggest change in home service sales in 35 years
22:15 – The importance of diversity in the salesforce
25:13 – What kind of salespeople can best make one on one connections with customers?

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