137 Jeffrey Gitomer has a Manifesto Mindset

*HEADS UP* This episode has language that some might find offensive.

Jeffrey Gitomer is a lot of things. Self-proclaimed “King of Sales.” Bestselling author. World-renowned sales coach, trainer and mentor to salespeople everywhere.

His mindset on sales can best be described as direct and unafraid. He’s here to share with us how that mindset was developed and ultimately became the foundation for The Little Red Book of Selling, The Little Gold Book of Yes Attitude and continues to evolve in his next book, Sales Manifesto.

On today’s podcast

1:51 – Where in the world will Jeffrey Gitomer be in 2018-19?
4:00 – Why Jeffrey Gitomer is obsessed with Napoleon Hill
10:41 – Jeffrey’s favorite book he’s ever written
14:54 – Asking before talking
20:00 – A lesson learned from a Carrabba’s waiter
25:00 – What keeps some salespeople on a negative path?
31:00 – When Jeffrey learned the science of selling

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