134 Answering the Disconnect with Christie Walters

Turnabout is fairplay this week. Jeff was the guest on a show a few weeks ago during networking month. Now that it is mindset month, sales coaching month, it’s time to have our resident sales coach and podcast host Christie Walters on as a guest.

Christie is in the hotseat discussing why she decided to step into the world of sales coaching. She sees a sales world that is filled with companies that have disconnects between management and people who are on the ground everyday making appointments. Whether it’s quotas, meetings, values, accountability, CRM or any of the hundreds of things that a VP of Sales and a rep have to work together on, the ties that bind can easily become unraveled. Christie is here today with strategies for both sides if you have ears to listen and a mind to open.

On today’s podcast

3:00 – When did Christie realize that she had something to offer the world through sales mindset coaching
7:00 – When is a company ready for a VP of Sales?
11:49 – Connecting meaning to the activity of sales
15:50 – The difference between self-awareness and perspective
19:00 – You have permission to ask for help
25:31 – The accountability disconnect
29:50 – The values disconnect
32:25 – Christie’s “why”

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