129 Sales Coaching 101 with Dave Tear

This week we’re going back to sales school with Dave Tear, owner of Sales Coaches’ Corner. Dave has been in the sales, sales management & sales training arena for the past 33 years. His passion for selling & helping others understand the sales process is what drives his “why.”

Dave brings energy to the sales training environment that is contagious. He captures people’s attention – & keeps it! Paying attention & “staying awake” are not issues when Dave is facilitating a training session. He uses “sticky messages” & believes that if you aren’t laughing you aren’t learning.

In this episode, Dave decodes the sales process and helps us understand how to apply sales training and actually makes it stick.

On today’s podcast

2:00 – Dave Tear’s journey from paint cleaning to sales coaching
6:10 – How a professional sales coach develop’s their material
8:56 – The common themes of sales training systems and processes
14:00 – Responding to sales blind spots
18:00 – The key to making change AFTER sales coaching
24:00 – Dave’s multiple “why”s

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