121 Wrapping up June and Introducing July’s New Theme

We tapped our network to bring you some of the most fantastic and fascinating guests on the topic of networking that we’ve ever had. Listen for a look back on all of the sales wisdom and community building strategies we picked up in June. Plus, we reveal our theme for July as we continue to help you focus and excel into Q3.

On today’s podcast

:40 – We evaluate our own theme structure
4:51 – Kelly Roach helped us achieve unstoppable success
6:54 – Scott Ingram mapped out our network with a purpose
8:51 – Our thought leader of the month was Jen Gluckow and put a target on our networking skills
10:30 – We’re part of the Sell or Die Podcast Network!!
13:00 – Mike Simmons made us all network smarter
15:00 – Jeff Bajorek reluctantly guested on his own show and taught us all a lot
20:50 – Previewing July’s featured guests and our theme for the month

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