115 Networking in a New York Minute with Jen Gluckow

Our guest this week is, Jen Gluckow, founder and CEO of Sales in a New York Minute. She is a master networker, LinkedIn expert and one half of the popular podcast Sell or Die.  

She is our thought leader for our month on networking and she is leading off with a ton of tips and strategies that you can use in any networking meeting, event or situation. She also has a  free ebook if you’re struggling to find places to expand your network.

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On today’s podcast

2:59 – People start off as people we don’t know
7:02 – The single biggest mistake most people make at a networking event
10:07 – Ask about THEM
14:50 – Jen’s “targeted networking” strategy
17:30 – Turning business cards into relationships
23:50 – Creating deeper relationships after the networking event
30:10 – How BNI changed Jen’s life
34:50 – The most unique place Jen has ever made a connection

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