114 Scott Ingram is Networking with Greatness

This week we welcome back to the show Scott Ingram, Strategic Account Manager at Relationship One and Host of the Sales Success Stories podcast on Top1.FM.

He is here today to talk about greatness, mentorship and our topic for this month, networking. Through his podcast Scott networks with some of the most highly successful people in the world so he knows what it takes to develop deep connections that lead to results.

This is as deep a dive on the topic of networking you are going to find. We encourage everyone to listen and then listen again to make sure that you get all of the information that Scott lays down.

We want to know YOUR top networking tips, strategies and connection success stories. Send them to info@thewhyandthebuy.com and you just may hear yours on our next episode!

On today’s podcast

2:21 – What the average salesperson gets wrong about networking
6:00 – Being conscious enough to surround yourself with greatness
12:39 – How to connect with people that are far more successful than you
19:30 – Knowing your “ask”
24:45 – The fear of being specific
29:26 – Real networking doesn’t happen at networking events
35:20 – top1.fm/hbr
36:19 – The three OTHER pieces of successful and effective networking
43:22 – Just start.

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