112 Jeff Bajorek is Not a Connection Collector

We’re just getting started with networking month and we’ve searched far and wide for the greatest experts on the subject. Suddenly, we realized, “Hey, we have a networking expert in our midst.” Jeff Bajorek steps out of the host seat and goes under Christie’s microscope as today’s guest.

Jeff is all about quality connections filled with people he can offer help to. He’s not a fan of racking up huge numbers of followers at the expense of serving others. This episode won’t be filled with hacks, workarounds or backdoors into networking. Instead, Jeff offers real world strategies that will lead to real business connections that if you play your cards right can become real customers.

On today’s podcast

1:50 – Jeff’s feeling a little weird about being a guest on his own show
5:17 – Jeff does not enjoy collecting connections
9:57 – Making sure you give AND get from the people you network with
16:46 – How do you find valuable, fulfilling connections
19:30 – Jeff’s top networking tips for newbies
26:30 – How to connect with someone digitally for the first time
32:30 – Networking doesn’t have to be complicated
36:20 – Talk to people you don’t like
40:00 – Jeff Bajorek’s “why”

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