108 Monday Musing: Like Riding a Bike

After a long period on training wheels, Jeff’s kids finally learned how to ride a bike. It took a very short time to teach them relative to the time they spent on training wheels. That gap has Jeff thinking this week.

What have you been less than successful with lately and totally frustrated by? Maybe it’s a prospecting technique. Maybe it’s getting a customer through that last portion of their sales journey or their buying journey to make a commitment. Maybe it’s something with social media. Maybe it’s something with preparation or discovery. Maybe there’s something about time management or priority management that you need to get better at. What could you improve drastically if you just took a little bit of time to study what it would take to improve? What could you be more successful with and less frustrated by in a matter of a few days if you only took a little bit of time out to figure out how to best do that?

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