102 Two Rules and Seven Magic Words with Dan Jourdan

Our guest this week is, Dan Jourdan, the Sales Energizer. Dan is a former consultant with Smith Barney, an expert Dale Carnegie speaker/coach and Gitomer Licensed Trainer.

Dan’s sales methodology often bridges the gap between “what people think they should do” and “what really works.” His sales philosophy is a cross between Confucius and Robin Williams.

He joined us for a deep dive all about how to execute on cold calls. It’s not something that many love to do but it can be a necessary step in your prospecting process. Dan gives you some crucial advice for making cold calls work for you by overcoming your hesitation and engaging the prospect.

On today’s podcast

1:38 – This is the best day of Dan Jourdan’s life
3:46 – Create some tension, create a connection
6:30 – The two rules of sales from Dan Jourdan’s father
11:48 – Thickening your sales skin with cold calling
17:00 – Cold calling is control
20:48 – Seven magic words of cold calling
26:55 – The three things that your prospects will want to give to you

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