100 Netweaving and the Value of Community Leadership with Michael E. Moore

Our guest this week is, Michael E. Moore, Founder of Buckhedge, LLC. His company works to arm small to medium size businesses in Atlanta, Georgia with the tools they need to survive and thrive in any type of economic environment. Michael has used the principles of netweaving, among other things, to establish himself as a leader in the greater Atlanta business community. 

Listen to Michael’s story and let it inspire you to find creative ways to help other businesses in your own community grow. The value that you will receive is evident in how successful Michael has become in one of the busiest and most competitive business environments in America.

On today’s podcast

2:45 – Michael is the man behind the curtain
5:46 – What can you learn from a paper route?
8:33 – The origins of “netweaving” and how it’s different from traditional networking
13:26 – Connecting people through a hyper-local business radio network
17:50 – Michael has to rebrand because of the other Michael Moore.
26:26 – The vital importance of growing and supporting your local business community
35:00 – Michael’s why is rooted all the way back to his second grade class.

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