54 Carl Gould Helps us Get Our Heads Out of Our Assets

Our guest this week is Carl Gould, a best-selling author, award winning coach and serial entrepreneur. He’s the author of a new book, Quit and Get Rich, Fix It In 5.

Carl helps people start and grow powerful businesses with his writing, speaking and coaching. In this interview he shares wisdom that will help you in every part of the sales and business development process and wherever you are in your career.

Visit Carl’s website and type in the word COACHING in the contact form to get a free coaching session: http://www.carlgould.com

Reserve your copy of the book: http://www.gteamradio.com/fix-it-in-5

On today’s show…

2:55 – How did Carl come up with the idea for Fix it in Five?

5:09 – Do you have the wrong business partner?

11:00 – How to manage your company’s growth the RIGHT way

16:30 – “One of the top skills of a CEO is how quickly can they get a task off their plate.”

19:00 – Carl Gould breaks down the two parts to a sales transaction

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22 Cheerleaders and Connectors – A Small Business Guide to Referrals with Joe Schum

Being a small business owner can be overwhelming and if you are the owner of a “service” based business, it’s doubly so.  Not only are you chief cook and bottle washer, but often times, you are so busy DOING the business, you aren’t putting in the time to GET the business.  We all know the best business comes from referrals, but where do you find that ever elusive referral network?

If you have money, then advertise. If you have no money, then socialize. @saysjoeschum Click To Tweet

Joe Schum joins us this week to discuss networking must dos for every busy solopreneur.  Some of Joe’s Gems of Wisdom include:

  • Always have a goal
  • Be consistent and persistent
  • Review regularly
  • Remember it’s not about you

Discussed in This Episode

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