109 Becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur with Kelly Roach

Our guest this week is, Kelly Roach, former NFL cheerleader turned entrepreneur and sales success coach and now author of Unstoppable: The 9 Principles For Unlimited Success in Business and Life. If her advice sounds real world and down to Earth, it’s because her experience has been as real as it gets. She ventured from the corporate world where she handled hundreds of millions in assets and broke every single sales record in her Fortune 500 company’s history (all before she was 30!) into her own success coaching business all while raising a family. 

If you’re in any kind of business this will be an inspiring, fascinating and helpful listen. If you have a startup, or ever thought about setting of on your own business journey, this is a MUST listen.

On today’s podcast…

1:42 – Going from cheerleading for an NFL team to coaching sales teams and entrepreneurs
6:45 – Kelly reveals the thing she learned very early in her career that has propelled her to continued success now
11:50 – Even though it’s one of the best time’s EVER to start a business, Kelly feels bad for entrepreneurs today
16:20 – What big businesses need that entrepreneurs don’t and vice versa
19:22 – The amazingly obvious thing that most startups are missing or not asking themselves
25:00 – Knowing the difference between profitable and productive / intelligent networking strategy
29:29 – Should you quit your job today and invest full time in your startup?
35:00 – Finding Kelly Roach

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54 Carl Gould Helps us Get Our Heads Out of Our Assets

Our guest this week is Carl Gould, a best-selling author, award winning coach and serial entrepreneur. He’s the author of a new book, Quit and Get Rich, Fix It In 5.

Carl helps people start and grow powerful businesses with his writing, speaking and coaching. In this interview he shares wisdom that will help you in every part of the sales and business development process and wherever you are in your career.

Visit Carl’s website and type in the word COACHING in the contact form to get a free coaching session: http://www.carlgould.com

Reserve your copy of the book: http://www.gteamradio.com/fix-it-in-5

On today’s show…

2:55 – How did Carl come up with the idea for Fix it in Five?

5:09 – Do you have the wrong business partner?

11:00 – How to manage your company’s growth the RIGHT way

16:30 – “One of the top skills of a CEO is how quickly can they get a task off their plate.”

19:00 – Carl Gould breaks down the two parts to a sales transaction

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53 Embracing uncertainty and finding happiness with Sean Ogle

Our guest today is Sean Ogle, the Head Rebel at Location Rebel, a company that helps people realize their dream of starting a small business while working anywhere on Earth.

Sean Ogle doesn’t fear change. He entered the job market out of college during the height of the 2008 recession when so much of our economy was changing. Three years later he had moved to Thailand, started his own business and was helping others make the changes that gave him back his freedom and happiness. Listen to his story of risk, change and the search for career meaning.

On today’s show…

2:40 – The moment everything changed for Sean…

6:26 – “I knew if I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t going to be very valuable to anyone else”

11:00 – Rethinking the American retirement dream

15:40 – Sean’s key to getting “unstuck” from your current situation

27:58 – The three phases of uncertainty

Visit Sean’s website: locationrebel.com

Follow Sean on twitter and instagram

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