23 How to Build a Roadmap to Revenue with Kristin Zhivago

Buyers have changed the way they buy. Mobile and Google have put “anything I want to know or buy – now!” in the palms of their hands. We are literally in the midst of a Digital Revolution when it comes to how people buy. While consumers are buying “at the speed of thought,” companies are still moving at corporate speed. Their sales are slipping as a result.  What is a business to do?

This week, Jeff interviews Kristin Zhivago, author of Roadmap to Revenue about:

  • What the digital market leaders are doing
  • What tools marketers can use to catch up
  • What principles will ensure they make the best use of those tools


Discussed in This Episode

01 The Power of Data – Lessons learned from reading Moneyball, Outliers, and How to Become a Rainmaker

In this episode, we dissect the importance of data in business, baseball, and even daily life

Some of the questions we tackle in this episode:

  • How are you measuring success?  What story does your data tell you?  When is there too much data?
  • Why is it important to challenge your long held beliefs or preconceived notions?
  • How do you evaluate your daily/weekly/monthly activities to ensure you are focused on the right things?

Books Discussed in This Episode

Significant Quotes

“Is the activity you are engaging in for your sales process valuable or is it just activity?  Busyness does not translate into business very often” – Jeff


“Being overly busy and not having time for others does not make you more successful, it just makes you more stressed out – Christie


“Are the things you do every day in line with what you want to be one day?” – Jeff


“You never want data gathering to get in the way of taking action” – Christie