65 Understanding the Millennial Workforce Challenge with Jane Gentry

Our guest this week is Jane Gentry. Jane is a sales and leadership consultant and a dynamic speaker whose presentations help to engage employees, increase sales and drive business results. She’s worked with some of the most successful companies in the world including Assurant, The Home Depot, Milliken, Philips and Coca-Cola.

She’s here today to talk about authenticity, purpose, surviving in small and large organizations and that hottest of topics…millennials. Her views on how to engage and coach millennial salespeople is as fascinating as it is challenging. This is a must listen for managers, entrepreneurs and those young in sales.

You can find out more about Jane here.

On today’s show!

2:43 – Jane learns a valuable lesson from her early acting career

5:35 – In defense of small companies

8:30 – How Jane uses data-driven sales diagnostics to help grow sales

14:19 – The number one mistake that company leaders are making today

17:19 – The keys to working with and understanding your millennial workforce

30:22 – What you can and can’t teach millennials

64 Monday Musing: Your hustle is overrated

Hustle. It’s the magic missing piece in your sales puzzle. The prescription for what ails your sales, right? Wrong. It’s a buzzword and it’s overrated. Listen to find out how constantly focusing on hustle can be a danger to your health, your priorities and ultimately your sales.

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63 The bias against salespeople and how to overcome it with Paul Watts

Our guest today is Paul Watts, host of the Sales Reinvented podcast and his purpose is to change the way people think about selling, salespeople and; ultimately, make sales a profession people can be proud of.

We discuss his podcast, how he found his purpose and what salespeople can do right now to be more approachable and more trustworthy (spoiler: it’s not ‘Always Be Closing’)

On today’s show…

4:30 – Why did Paul start his podcast?

6:00 – Where does the negative image of salespeople come from?

10:55 – How sales and engineering are actually very similar.

16:26 – How your business title is driving your behavior

19:26 – Paul describes a revolutionary sales incentive program

26:23 – Paul describes how his organization found its vision and purpose

Find out more about Paul Watts…

Website – www.salesreinvented.com

Twitter – www.twitter.com/salesreinvented

Facebook – www.facebook.com/sales.reinvented

LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/company/sales-reinvented

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62 Monday Musing: Question of the week

Christie announces her new “Question of the week” initiative. A question that she will ask herself every day of a given week to help focus in on her purpose and provide accountability in a world full of distractions.

If you want Christie’s question of the week every week visit her at christiewalters.com and connect with her on social media. And we invite you to come up with your own question of the week and share it with us!

61 Defining, deciding and creating common purpose with Marilyn Carpenter and Joe Schum

Today we release the first in our new monthly series of thought leader interviews. We’re bringing in top thinkers from around the sales and marketing world to help discuss and analyze our monthly theme. January is all about purpose.

This week we have Marilyn Carpenter and Joe Schum from Network Orchestrators in to help us define, decide on and create common purpose that will ultimately lead to the thing that we all want, more and better business.

On today’s show…

3:50 – Bringing the human back into sales and marketing.

15:10 – Common Language vs. Common Understanding

22:50 – How do people use purpose to accelerate their business?

39:58 – Why do people choose human-centric businesses?

50:15 – The difference between “helping” and “serving.”

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60 Updating your personal operating system with Vince Fowler

Vince Fowler left the military and got into sales because his buddy told him it would be “fun.” He fell in love with sales. Had a messy divorce with sales, then fell in love with sales all over again. Now he’s a business development coach with a great philosophy on purpose, commitment and rebooting your personal operating system that audiences really connect with. You have to listen to his incredible story and his sales tips on creating and sustaining business.

Follow Vince on twitter and visit his website!

On today’s show…

2:05 – Vince has a man-crush on Jeff.

5:51 – How Vince fell in love with sales, then got divorced from sales, then fell in love with sales all over again.

8:34 – Why are all kids great at sales when most adults aren’t?

17:04 – Vince reveals the number on obstacle to building a successful business.

20:50 – How resetting your personal operating system can revolutionize your sales, your business and your life.

35:50 – Value based decision making: the importance of committing to your purpose.

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59 Monday Musing: Help More People

Start your week off with “why!” Our Monday Musing this week is all about helping others. It is a principle that is as simple as it is powerful. Living to serve can fundamentally change the quantity and quality of relationships and can change your business. Find out how service, charity and thoughtfulness can be employed to cultivate your long term success.

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58 Driving creativity, collaboration and innovation through comedy with Lisa Fey

Our guest today is Lisa Fey. She’s often described as a humorist with a message and she has a great message for you today.

Lisa uses her creativity and her humor to inspire, collaborate and inform audiences around the world. She was a corporate rockstar with Coca Cola before branching off on her own to help consult and advise business professionals like you. Her insights are invaluable and her humor is unquestioned.

Find out more about Lisa here: lisafey.com

On today’s show…

4:18 – What’s it like to move from the corporate world to a world of public speaking and humor?

11:40  – How did comedy become an integral part of Lisa’s speaking style?

17:50 – Lisa learns that their are rules of comedy and improv

23:30 – The art of listening: essential for improv AND sales

25:04 – Lisa reveals the secret behind her success

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57 Monday Musing – My 4 Words

We’re starting our new podcast series, Monday Musings, with “Four Words” an annual tradition that helps kickoff Christie’s new year.

Identifying words, ideas and themes that will define your year can help you hone in on your purpose and allow you to find your why. As you listen to this begin to think about what your four words would be and how they will influence the great year we know you’re going to have in 2018.

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56 Kicking Off 2018

Today we are kicking off 2018 with a purpose! “Purpose” is our theme for them month of January and we’ve got some amazing content to share with you that will help you define and achieve greater purpose in sales and life.

On today’s show…

4:11 – What our podcast has in store for you in 2018

7:11 – Explaining some of the new features of our show

13:38 – We introduce our theme for the month, “purpose”

17:35 – Purpose isn’t just for yogis and mystics, it can work for you too

19:12 – Jeff’s process for finding purpose

28:21 – What’s up next for The Why and The Buy

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