70 Selling like a Marine with Paul Boucherle

When you think of someone who is prepared for anything, does anyone match that description more than a military veteran?

Our guest this week is, Paul Boucherle, a Marine veteran, titan of the security sales industry and now a consultant who is devoting his life to helping companies find the right talent and veterans find good jobs. He says most veterans are equipped to be great sales leaders. 

In this fascinating interview we talk about his new venture, SalesMarines. SalesMarines provides veterans and employers an opportunity to discover the perfect fit. They align and train veterans using 50+ years of combined knowledge and experience to offer top of the line candidates.

Learn more about SalesMarines here.

Learn more about Paul here.

On today’s podcast

4:31 – How Paul is helping companies find qualified sales people and helping veterans find good jobs.

7:46 – How to identify people who are qualified for sales

11:30 – The number one concern of all senior sales management

15:00 – Matching a company and an individual using the principle of “time to productivity”

19:44 – Does the regimented life of a veteran hurt them in sales?

21:54 – How does veteran preparedness translate to sales preparedness

24:28 – How to balance objective assessments versus subjective analysis in hiring and recruiting

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54 Carl Gould Helps us Get Our Heads Out of Our Assets

Our guest this week is Carl Gould, a best-selling author, award winning coach and serial entrepreneur. He’s the author of a new book, Quit and Get Rich, Fix It In 5.

Carl helps people start and grow powerful businesses with his writing, speaking and coaching. In this interview he shares wisdom that will help you in every part of the sales and business development process and wherever you are in your career.

Visit Carl’s website and type in the word COACHING in the contact form to get a free coaching session: http://www.carlgould.com

Reserve your copy of the book: http://www.gteamradio.com/fix-it-in-5

On today’s show…

2:55 – How did Carl come up with the idea for Fix it in Five?

5:09 – Do you have the wrong business partner?

11:00 – How to manage your company’s growth the RIGHT way

16:30 – “One of the top skills of a CEO is how quickly can they get a task off their plate.”

19:00 – Carl Gould breaks down the two parts to a sales transaction

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49 Scott Ingram on Mentoring Your Way to Sales Success

Today’s guest is Scott Ingram, host of the Sales Success Stories podcast.

He’s back on the show to talk about a topic vital to today’s salesforce, mentoring. It’s what he’s dedicated his podcast to and what will certainly be a hot topic at his Sales Success Summit event in May. Scott says that so many of the successful people he has met around the country and through his podcast have had one thing in common; they had great mentors. By being available to be a mentor and to be mentored to you can uncover new ideas, creative solutions and better insight into the challenges that you face.

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On today’s show…

5:00 – Coaching vs. Mentorship

9:00 – The informality of mentoring and what to look for in a mentor

16:30 – How Scott’s Sales Success Stories Podcast has become a mentoring vehicle for his guests and listeners

17:30 – The dangers of the sales “echo chamber”

19:20 – Mentors are everywhere…they can even be your CUSTOMERS!

Special for our listeners, Scott has a great offer on the Austin event discussed on the show! PROMO CODE: why

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10 – Must Be Present to Win

Our first MINI-SODE!  In this shorter than usual episode, Christie and Jeff discuss the importance of showing up.  That’s right.  The first key to success is showing up on time, every time.  Do what you say you will do and when you say you will do it.  It’s simple really.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard – Hines Ward

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You will be shocked at the amount of mediocrity that disguises itself as successful – Jeff

Tweet: You will be shocked at the amount of mediocrity that disguises itself as successful #reliability

Rule #1 – Keep your customers, not just happy, but thrilled. Over deliver on your promises. Do something no one else is doing. – Christie

Tweet: Rule #1 - Keep your customers, not just happy, but thrilled. Over deliver on your promises. Do something no one else is doing. #reliability