17 No Is Not Forever – Objection Handling with Don “The Idea Guy”

What do you do when you hear “No”?  Do you just walk away or do you use it as a springboard for the next conversation?  We love it when Don “The Idea Guy” Snyder visits us on an episode of The Why and The Buy podcast.  He always has a unique perspective and gets us thinking in different ways.

In this episode, we dissect what “No” means and why you should look at this little two letter word through new lenses.

“NO…it’s just one word. Expect it, prepare for it…adjust”

In this episode, we cover such scintillating topics as:

  • Why “NO” is like Sonar on a submarine
  • Tools you can use to practice objection handling in your next sales meeting
  • What to do after you have lost a sale
  • Top 3 strategies for handling objections

Discussed in This Episode

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